PacXtra is our comprehensive set of solutions that support the growing use of inserts/outserts, security tags and adhesive labels. Our customized solutions include designing, producing and affixing supplemental materials, and can include the sourcing if needed.

Our refined production process means reduced costs, increased speed to market and the ability for you to advertise on your products.

We design, source and affix supplemental materials including:
  • Security Tags used with Sensormatic® or Checkpoint® detection systems.
  • Inserts/outserts such as instructions for use in pharmaceutical and medical device packaging
  • Labels, including coupons, discount cards, special offers and additional promotional items.

To minimize the possibility of human error, our production process leverages automated equipment to attach the items. For quality and consistency, we utilize an inline barcode scanning procedure to confirm that each product has the correct supplemental piece affixed. This verification helps ensure that no products are missing a supplemental piece or receive the wrong one.