Variable Data

Our capabilities help move your variable data integration beyond a barcode into serialization and personalization. We understand that variable data is more than just print - it's about expertly managing data and incorporating it into your design. Our variable data offering, helps you strengthen your brand like never before. You can:

  • Launch a new product in a localized region with your marketing campaign data.
  • Display important information about a product in different versions without expensive design updates.
  • Integrate security features for brand protection and serialization.
  • Track products throughout your supply chain.
  • Ensure authenticity to protect your customers from counterfeits.

Our platform features both inline and offline solutions as well as the largest installation of digital presses in the industry, helping you get the right fit for your application. Digital printing gives you the highest quality to read variable data and a single-step workflow to ensure data integrity. Our inkjet variable platform helps you deal with a wide variety of substrates and packaging line configurations. Backed by the power of QuadDataSolutions, a leading provider of direct marketing, we offer more solutions to help your brand maximize variable data opportunities. We will work with you to look at all the factors involved in variable data and provide recommendations.