Investing in a company goes beyond stocks and bonds. We acquire the best companies, the best people, the best equipment and the best training, and bring it together with the strength and financial backing of an industry giant.

Strategic Acquisition

QuadPackaging was formed through the acquisition of several well-established companies. These successful companies have come together under the QuadPackaging umbrella after years of cultivating customer and vendor relationships. Because of those partnerships, we have the hunger of a new company with the backing of original customers who can speak to the quality of our relationships and packaging.


We do our best to maintain the physical and mental well being of our employees. Quad/Education's programs allows them to take classes and continue their education while working for us. Our employees stay with us longer because they are treated with the same respect and value we give our customers.


There are many ways we contribute to our communities and the causes we care about, including in-kind expertise, corporate contributions and extensive employee volunteerism and donations. Our individual locations are most closely connected to their own communities, so they are given the freedom to determine how they can best contribute locally. We support a wide variety of initiatives, from arts and culture to community cleanups to education and addressing basic human needs.

Technology and Innovation

Every day new technologies change the marketplace. QuadPackaging looks to the future by purchasing new equipment, training employees on its use and expanding the options we provide to our partners. With the backing of Quad/Graphics, our business agility allows us to innovate with ease. If you need a new label machine to fulfill your project, we can acquire the machine and get it running when you need it.

Training and Quality

It's important to make sure everyone connected with QuadPackaging is properly trained. We take care to train our employees well, but we also bring them together with vendors and customers to expand everyone's knowledge base. Educated employees work smarter. Educated vendors are aware of solutions that exist outside of their industries that can be applied to their own, and educated clients also have a better idea of what they want out of their custom packaging, which streamlines the process greatly.

Buying Power

The backing of Quad/Graphics, a multi billion-dollar, industry-leading printer, gives us the resources to keep pushing forward with new ideas and investing in all areas of our business. Our strategic relationship opens doors around the world, allowing us to reach places few companies our size can.