Though they are our customers, we often use the term partner to refer to the businesses that hire us. We engage collaboratively and help them improve their processes, resolve pain points and put their brands best face forward. We place heavy value on cultivating long-term relationships with our partners and being a reliable resource for much more beyond their packaging.


Our Blue Shirt Work Ethic inspires us to work hard, but we also know when to celebrate. We take the time to highlight accomplishments on both an individual level and companywide. We're excited about hitting our goals and we love talking about our employees' achievements. Our employees are proud of the work they do for Quad and we invest in their health, education and quality of life as a way to say thank you and continue the relationship of respect and passion that we all share.


We also collaborate with and encourage innovation from our vendors. We want new and exciting things to offer our customers, so we look to our vendors to be on the leading edge as well. We continue to maintain many long-term strategic relationships with our vendors as well as continually explore new vendor relationships.