As part of the initial business review, we define the needs of your brand that will establish the next steps in our design process.

Structural Design

Our structural engineers design and build prototypes to your exact project specifications. These print-free, blank canvases are constructed for you to hold in your hand as proof of concept for how the product will be experienced by your final customer. When a prototype is approved, you will receive die lines for your review and graphical design.


If your product is in need of a full turnkey solution, QuadPackaging can leverage the expertise of BlueSoHo, the integrated marketing and technology division of Quad/Graphics, to help fill that gap. BlueSoHo helps brands evolve their image and create captivating customer experiences and can take your products to the next level.

In-House prepress

Once we receive your packaging graphics, we will run a press sample for your review and approval before the final run. If small design adjustments are needed, our design team can quickly make those modifications to ensure your product prints in its finest form.