With an approved structural design and final graphics selected, the production process begins.

Lean Manufacturing and Sustainable Sourcing

Our design techniques create packaging while minimizing waste. We responsibly source all of your raw materials and implement lean manufacturing practices. That means we can create the package cost-effectively while minimizing the environmental impact, allowing us to deliver your vision in a responsible package.

Unique Solutions

Does your package require a specific type of glue, an insert or windowing? Our business review in the first stage of our process will have defined unique requirements, allowing us to prepare the production process specific to your project. Know that when your packaging arrives, it will be ready to work for you.

Supply Chain Management

Our experience in the packaging industry has given us insight that allows us to help predict your supply needs based on forecasts and historic sales reports. We manage vendors for the raw materials so you can focus on what you do best.

Superior Technology

As a division of Quad/Graphics, QuadPackaging has access to technology ahead of our industry competition. From color management to digital print technology, we keep our facilities updated with state-of-the-art equipment, providing optimal solutions for your brand.